New Car, New Paint, Most effective Treatment method, No Wax

Opposite to common rhetoric, buffing wax onto new automotive acrylic paint is not the best way to protect the color and shine of your paint. In fact it is the starting of the stop of your manufacturing unit shine.

Wax has been around since the dawn of time, The automotive industry has experienced the profit of wax since it’s inception.

Having said that no matter how good the paint could be when the car rolls off the showroom floor. Following just just one waxing the paint is transformed for good. Some extremest basically market claying and polishing a brand name new car!

These individuals have an agenda that requires their marketing or accomplishing a support that incorporates some variety of automotive wax.

They bank on your ignorance of the harm that extreme and redundant friction can to to a manufacturing unit finish. They don’t treatment about your paint occupation.

They treatment about the income they can make with their wax and the short term shine they can obtain with it.

The overall health and affliction of your paint was by no means a thing to consider, its normally about the wax.


In fact wax is a protective masking that is utilized to make a water barrier on your automobiles paint. It can also be buffed to a shine.

Past all those two execs each individual detail else about wax is a con.

Its wasteful

its messy

it yellows

It hazes

It hardens

It calls for buffing

It encourages swirl marks in your paint

It is time consuming

It can’t be applied in direct sunlight

It can’t be applied in freezing temperature

It is a friction based software

It builds up

It has to be taken out

It dulls

There are progress in acrylic paint that make the use of wax or polish risky.

New automotive acrylic paint does not want to be buffed, poished or waxed it requirements to be preserved and the best way to protect acrylic paint is with an acrylic paint conditioner.

As opposed to wax the acrylic conditioner has none of the previously mentioned complications,

In fact it is the actual reverse in each individual respect.

Basically the acrylic paint conditioner is not a masking, it tends to make the paint shine from in. An acrylic paint conditioner will by no means boring. There is no waste and it can be applied in all temperatures and sunlight. It applies in minutes lasts for months and by no means has to be taken out.

one. Under no circumstances Dulls

2. Can be applied in very hot sun

3. Can be applied in freezing temperature

four. Does not yellow

five. Does not have to be taken out

six. Demands no buffing

seven. Does not harden

eight. Does not make swirl marks

9. Pure liquid

10. Rust resistant

eleven. Uncomplicated just one phase software

twelve. Gets rid of the want for Clay

13. Gets rid of the want for polish

14. Makes a shine in the paint

fifteen. Is absorbed into the paint

16. Makes no debris or waste

seventeen. For “Scratch Defend paint”

18. Preserves manufacturing unit finish

19. Does not lure and hold particles

twenty. Has designed in cleansing agents

21. Gets rid of the want for cleaning soap

22. Shields Chrome & wheel from highway salt

23. Situations and shines black vinyl trim

24. Situations and preserves clear headlights

25. Deoxidizes and restores color to acrylic paint

26. Situations & replaces critical features in paint

27. Requires much less than a 50 percent an hour to implement

28. Exceptional in the market place

29. Non abrasive

thirty. Successful, 95% goes in the paint five% in the towel

Great for new automobiles of all colors from black to white, An acrylic paint conditioner will out conduct any wax or polish in the preservation of the first shine and color of new automotive acrylic paint.