Car Repair service – Car Repair service in the Party of Flood Harm

If the engine is operating at high revs and (or) the flood is quite deep the engine will hydraulic this signifies that subsequent the induction of water on the compression stroke, the engine will lock up as water cannot be compressed.

Often, this will trigger additional troubles such as bent con-rods, the threat of which increases if the driver then attempts to crank or get started the engine.

If mechanical harm such as this takes place then it isn’t a problem that can be repaired roadside.


1. By no means Crank the engine. This can quickly trigger extra expensive harm.

two. Take away all induction factors i.e. air filter box, air metering gadgets and all air ducting and disconnect injectors (electrically)

three. Take away Spark Plugs (Petrol engines) or Glow Plugs (Diesel engines)

4. Dismantle as essential to let water to escape from throttle human body and inlet manifold.

5. Reverse stage 4

six. Crank engine by hand to check timing

seven. Crank engine with throttle pedal fully depressed until finally all water is ejected but beware of high tension water remaining ejected from combustion chambers. Reconnect Injectors

eight. Re-in shape a single spark or glow plug and crank once more. The engine must “cough”.

nine. Re-in shape 2nd spark or glow plug and crank once more. The engine will “cough” and could even operate.

10. Re-in shape 3rd spark or glow plug and crank once more. The engine will almost certainly operate.

eleven. Re-in shape the fourth plug and crank once more. The engine must operate.

twelve. Make certain all induction factors are dry and re-in shape using a NEW air filter.

thirteen. Get started engine. It must operate generally if the engine hunts (faltering revs) the air flow sensor is suspect.

14. Change the oil and oil filter. Mil mild could be on so code clearing could be essential.

fifteen. Offer the car rapidly!

For 5, six and 8 cylinder engines, the course of action is the similar just repeated for just about every cylinder.

We hope this details is helpful. Remember to call Car-Doc Uk on 0845 0780628 or visit must you travel your car into a flood. We can get you started by the roadside.