Car Income Packaging – Real truth Lies and Tax Deductions


 Car Income Packaging can help save some Australians countless numbers of bucks a year. Even so, as most tips provided with regards to car income packaging is not correct, some people progress with car income packaging even although it is of  no advantage to them.

This posting will help you distinguish between correct tax tips and deceptive promoting fluff, and help you make the suitable selection about how to framework your upcoming motor vehicle obtain.

I am absolutely sure by the conclude you will agree that tax tips should really only be provided by tax advisers.

 What is Car Income Packaging?

Car income packaging is in which you immediate your employer to pay vehicle expenses on your behalf, as an alternative of paying out wages into your financial institution account right after deducting tax.

 It usually operates in which your employer helps make payments on a novated lease. A novated lease will usually entail both of those the car financing and running expenses of the vehicle. In other words and phrases, your car charges are paid out by your employer and deducted from your pay.

 In selected situation a tax advantage can occur in which the tax payable on the packaged car payments is fewer than the tax payable on the income payments.

 Will anyone advantage from Car Income Packaging?

 Not anyone will advantage from car income packaging.

 The taxation final result of car income packaging is dependent on a variety of variables such as income, expense of car, kind of employer, kilometres travelled and importantly Business enterprise Usage.

 Sadly, most documents that I have observed noticeably overstate the taxation positive aspects of income packaging a vehicle because of to inaccurate assessment.

 What is even a lot more disturbing is that the house owners of the leasing and motor vehicle firms know that their documents noticeably overstate the taxation positive aspects of Income Packaging a vehicle – and they however continue to use them as a promoting resource to offer leases and motor vehicles.

 If you are reading a doc that is projecting a taxation preserving, and the doc contains a disclaimer with words and phrases to the influence of ‘Our employees/company are not certified/licensed to give taxation tips. For Taxation tips you should see your accountant’ – alarm bells should really get started ringing! An instance disclaimer from one of Australia’s largest income packaging advisory companies’ sites:

 “Notes & disclaimers

  • The (I have removed the company title as my legal advisors are previously overworked) calculator is only intended to give an estimate of the discounts you may possibly reach and is not supposed as a substitute for qualified tips. It is encouraged that you request qualified economic tips prior to producing any conclusions with regards to your income bundle.
  • All calculations are based on private revenue tax fees and thresholds for the 2009/ten economic year.”

  Example of no taxation advantage

 There are several conditions when car income packaging will produce a taxation advantage.

 There are just as several conditions when car income packaging will not produce any taxation advantage!

 I the moment acted for a shopper who introduced me a doc suggesting that he would help save near to $ten,000 per year income packaging a vehicle. He was a profits rep leasing a 4 wheel drive vehicle. When I put his distinctive situation into our firm’s software program, it told me he would attain no taxation advantage from car income packaging.

 This obtained my focus and instantly I assumed that our calculator was incorrect. Soon after conference with the proprietor of the leasing organization who issued the doc to our shopper (the proprietor of the leasing organization was not incompetent when it arrived to tax, his history was as a tax adviser). In the course of our conference it became very clear that our calculators ended up calculating diverse points mainly because we experienced diverse requirements.

 Our calculator was intended to advise a shopper as to irrespective of whether they would attain a taxation advantage from income packaging a car… or not.

 Their calculator was intended only to help offer automobiles. It didn’t look at the taxation deduction that our shopper could previously attain through his tax return!

 Car Income Packaging vs Motor Vehicle Allowance

 To properly calculate the taxation advantage of car income packaging, it is crucial to look at any tax deduction that you would previously be entitled to claim in your tax return.

 In your tax return you can claim up to 5000 kms of journey, with out a logbook (it does need to be legitimate organization linked journey). Even so, if you preserve a log e-book you are ready to claim the organization share of your true car expenses.

 Employers are ready to reimburse their staff members for motor vehicle expenses that relate to organization use by paying out staff members a motor vehicle allowance. This allowance is properly revenue to the personnel in their tax return.

 An personnel can then claim a tax deduction for their truly organization motor vehicle expenses in their tax return, pursuant to taxation legislation.

 You can not claim motor vehicle expenses in your revenue tax return if you income bundle the vehicle. Hence, this total should really be deducted from the projected tax preserving for car income packaging. It hardly ever is.

 Talk to the suitable concern or get the mistaken response

 The concern to inquire when considering car income packaging is not “in isolation how substantially tax will a unique approach of income packaging help save me?”

 That what most deceptive income packaging estimates project.

 The appropriate concern is, “What is the tax advantage of income packaging, as opposed to any other possibility out there to me, such as professing my car expenses in my tax return?”.

 That is not the concern becoming answered by most income packaging promoting firms.

 The table down below is taken from one of Australia’s largest income packaging advisory website’s on the internet calculators.

Personal savings – Novated lease With no Income Packaging

Yearly gross income


Taxable revenue


Fewer PAYG tax


Fewer Medicare Levy


Get-property pay

$fifty seven,525.00

Vehicle Lease Price (Soon after Tax)


Disposable revenue


With Income Packaging

Yearly gross income


Vehicle Package Price(Ahead of Tax)


Taxable revenue


Fewer PAYG tax


Fewer Medicare levy

-$911.sixty seven

Get-property pay

$forty seven,782.93

Vehicle Package Price (Soon after Tax)


Disposable revenue


Your Income Packaging Gain

Your preserving off the Motor Vehicle Lease by Income Packaging is:


% Enhance in your equal income packaging:


This internet site has suggested me that I could help save $5,436.95 in tax by getting a new car through them.

 Sound far too great to be real?

 It is potentially.

 The internet site did not inquire me if I experienced any organization use for the vehicle. If I did, I would be entitled to a tax deduction for that use only if I do not income bundle it through a novated lease. Hence, if I experienced any organization use, the preserving projected is overstated. There are potentially other components that would have an impact on the final result as effectively.

 To give appropriate assessment, you need to look at the distinctive situation of the unique.

 You also need to response the suitable concern – what is the Profit of Income Packaging?

 What facts do you need to appropriately analyse car income packaging?

  • Taxable Earnings eg revenue right after all tax deductions, income packaging into Tremendous etcetera
  • Companies FBT Position
  • Price of the car
  • GST on car
  • Managing charges of car
  • Petrol
  • Insurance plan
  • Repairs & Upkeep
  • Rego
  • Finance charges for novated lease (payment, time period, residual, curiosity amount)
  • Fees associated with the novated lease
  • Finance expense of different finance (get car loan curiosity expense)
  • Complete Kilometres
  • Business enterprise Kilometres

 It is not possible to give correct tips by basically inquiring for: annual gross income, kind of vehicle, condition, length travelled and a lease period.

 This assessment is complex, and it is primarily based on estimates. If the true vary – the tax situation may possibly adjust. There are quite a few procedures for professing expenses in your tax return, as effectively as many procedures to calculate fringe positive aspects tax which may differ dependent on the client’s situation.

 To give correct tips, you need the complete photograph and right calculator to help you.

 That’s why it can be really worth expending (say) $180 to see an accountant, fairly than relying on free tips becoming provided by another person who is attempting to offer you finance and a vehicle.

 New Income Packaged Vehicle vs. Holding present motor vehicle

On several events I have been questioned by clientele to examine the expense right after completely accounting for the taxation situation of holding an present vehicle/buying a 2nd hand vehicle and income packaging a new vehicle.

 The point is, there are no taxation miracles. Consider you are evaluating income packaging a vehicle which will expense $20,000 to run for the year, with a vehicle that you previously very own that will only expense $5,000 to run for the year.

 I can’t consider of any scenario in which you will get a tax advantage that will exceed the out of pocket expense difference between the two motor vehicles.

 While just about anything is possible, it is very not likely that the out of pocket expense of a new vehicle is likely to be fewer than the expense of holding your present car.


Most tips becoming dispersed with regards to car income packaging is promoting fluff and not really worth the paper it can be written on.

 In my check out, most of the advertising and marketing for income packaged motor vehicles is so deceptive and deceptive it warrants prosecution from the office of fair investing. But in fact, compared with faulty merchandise, the consumer of income bundle tips will usually not realise that they have been mislead into getting a income packaged car which does not produce them any taxation preserving at all.

 If you want to make a sensible selection, study the disclaimer and get tax tips from a certified accountant prior to you progress with car income packaging… and never indicator just about anything until finally you do!

 While this posting has highlighted the inaccuracy of most income packaging tips, there are several Australians who can attain a tax advantage from income packaging! Examples incorporate people with small organization use and higher salaries getting moderately priced automobiles which journey higher kilometres, and staff members of organisations that get pleasure from minimized FBT fees.