Armed service Robots And Unmanned Automobiles Sector

WinterGreen Investigate announces the subsequent examine: Armed service Robots and Unmanned Automobiles Markets, Globally, Sector Shares, Procedures, and Forecasts, 2010-2016 Armed service robot automation of the defense approach is the following wave of navy evolution. As automated programs and networking enhance the World-wide-web, interaction is facilitated on a world wide basis. The navy constitution is shifting to providing protection versus terrorists and men and women search for to keep a safe, cell, independent life style. Significantly of the navy mission is going to adopt a police pressure coaching mission, trying to get to achieve protection of civilian populations on a throughout the world basis. The use of Armed service Robots s is based on providing a robot that is less high-priced to set in the discipline than a skilled soldier. That automation of approach has charm to these who run the navy. Vital phrases: navy robots, unmanned navy automobiles, sensor networks, bomb detection robots, robot push regulate, robot batteries

Desk of Contents
Armed service Robots Executive Summary
Armed service Robots Executive Summary ES-1
Armed service Floor Robot Sector Driving Forces ES-1
Potential Fight System (FCS) Program Transitions to
Military Brigade Fight Group Modernization ES-2
Robots Run Independently ES-2
Armed service Robots Sector Driving Forces five
Armed service Floor Robot Sector Shares ES-six
BAE Methods Ant Sizing Robot ES-7
Armed service Floor Robot Sector Forecasts ES-8

1. Armed service ROBOTS Sector DESCRIPTION AND Sector DYNAMICS 1-1
1.1 Offering Robotic Abilities to Fight Teams 1-1
1.2 Armed service Robot Scope 1-2
1.2.1 Armed service Robot Applications 1-3
1.3 Army’s G8 Futures office environment 1-six
1.3.1 Offering Abilities to the Army’s Brigade Fight Teams 1-8
1.3.2 Changeover Concerning The Latest Sector And Exactly where The Sector Is Going 1-9
1.3.3 Various Dimensions of UGVs 1-ten
1.four Kinds of Armed service Robots 1-12
1.four.1 Telerob Explosive Observation Robot and Ordnance Disposal 1-12
1.four.2 QinetiQ North America Talon® Robots Universal Disrupter Mount 1-15
1.four.3 General Dynamics Up coming-Generation CROWS II Improves Soldiers Security 1-seventeen
1.four.four Soldier Unmanned Floor Vehicle from iRobot 1-18
1.five UGV Enabling Systems 1-19
1.five.1 Sensor Processing 1-20
1.five.2 Device Autonomy 1-21
1.six Armed service Robot Bandwidth 1-22
1.six.1 UGV Abide by-Me Ability 1-22
1.six.2 Communications Bandwidth 1-23
1.six.3 Battery Electricity 1-23
1.six.four Combination Of Batteries Connected To Onboard Traditional Diesel 1-24
1.7 SUGVs 1-twenty five
1.7.1 Mid-Sizing Group UGV 1-twenty five
1.7.2 Big UGV 1-26
1.7.3 U.S. Military Floor Fight Vehicle 1-27
1.7.four TARDEC 1-28
1.7.five Tacom 1-29

2. Armed service Floor Robot Sector SHARES AND FORECASTS 2-1
2.1 Armed service Floor Robot Sector Driving Forces 2-1
2.1.1 Potential Fight System (FCS) Program Transitions to
Military Brigade Fight Group Modernization 2-2
2.1.2 Robots Run Independently 2-2
2.1.3 Armed service Robots Sector Driving Forces 2-five
2.2 Armed service Floor Robot Sector Shares 2-six
2.2.1 General Dynamics Robotic Methods 2-9
2.2.2 Northrop Grumman Remotec Andros 2-ten
2.2.3 Northrop Grumman / Remotec 2-ten
2.2.four Northrop Grumman Remotec Uk Wheelbarrow Robots 2-12
2.2.five iRobot Govt & Industrial Robots 2-12
2.2.six QinetiQ / Foster-Miller 2-15
2.2.7 Qinetiq / Foster-Miller TALON EOD robots 2-16
2.2.8 NAVEODTECHDIV Resources QinetiQ / Foster-Miller Talon Robots 2-seventeen
2.2.9 Foster-Miller TALON Responder and EOD 2-seventeen
2.2.ten Kongsberg CrowsII Armed service Robot System 2-18
2.2.11 BAE Methods Ant Sizing Robot 2-19
2.2.12 Telerob Speedy Response Vehicle 2-20
2.2.13 Boston Dynamics 2-21
2.2.14 Robotic Engineering Robot 2-21
2.3 Armed service and First Responder Robot Sector Shares 2-23
2.four Armed service Floor Robot Sector Forecasts 2-27
2.four.1 Mid Assortment Armed service Robot Sector Forecasts 2-29
2.four.2 Large Finish Armed service Robots 2-33
2.four.3 Mid Assortment Unmanned Vehicle UVV Sector Forecasts 2-35
2.four.four Large Finish Unmanned Vehicle UVV Sector Forecasts 2-38
2.four.five SUGVs 2-40
2.four.six Smaller Armed service Robots Made use of In Networks 2-forty two
2.four.7 Remotely Managed Armed Robots Deployed In Iraq 2-45
2.four.8 Robots For Protection And Homeland Stability 2-forty six
2.four.9 U.S. Military Smaller Unmanned Floor Vehicle (SUGV) 2-47
2.four.ten Protection Advanced Investigate Tasks Company, or DARPA Tactical Teams 2-47
2.four.11 Software Scope 2-48
2.four.12 U.S. Armed service Robots Vital to Iraq Surge Achievements 2-48
2.five Armed service Robot Regional Sector Evaluation 2-50
2.five.1 iRobot Geographic Details 2-52

3. Armed service ROBOTS Products DESCRIPTION 3-1
3.1 iRobot 3-1
3.1.1 iRobot® PackBot® 510 with EOD Kit 3-2
3.1.2 iRobot® PackBot® 510 with First Responder Kit 3-3
3.1.3 iRobot® Warrior™ seven-hundred 3-four
3.1.four iRobot® PackBot® five hundred with RedOwl Sniper Detection Kit 3-five
3.1.five iRobot® PackBot® 510 with FasTac Kit 3-8
3.1.six iRobot® PackBot® five hundred with ICx Fido® Explosives Detection Kit 3-8
3.1.7 iRobot® PackBot® 510 with HAZMAT Detection Kit 3-ten
3.1.8 iRobot® SeaGlider 3-11
3.1.9 iRobot® Ranger 3-12
3.1.ten iRobot Informed 2. Robot Intelligence Software 3-13
3.2 Northrop Grumman 3-14
3.2.1 Andros High definition-1 : Compact, Lightweight Platform 3-14
3.2.2 Northrop Grumman Vehicle Info / Interaction Hyperlinks 3-seventeen
3.2.3 Northrop Grumman F6A – Flexible Platform 3-seventeen
3.2.four Northrop Grumman Vehicle Info / Interaction Hyperlinks 3-20
3.2.five Northrop Grumman Mark V-A1 – Extremely Flexible, Strong, All-Terrain Platform 3-20
3.2.six Northrop Grumman V-A1 Capabilities 3-22
3.2.7 Northrop Grumman Vehicle Info / Interaction Hyperlinks 3-23
3.2.8 Northrop Grumman Mini-ANDROS II – Compact, Capable, Two-Male-Transportable Platform 3-23
3.2.9 Northrop Grumman Mini Andros II Capabilities 3-twenty five
3.2.ten Northrop Grumman Vehicle Info / Interaction Hyperlinks 3-26
3.2.11 Northrop Grumman Wolverine – Outdoor, All-Terrain Workhorse 3-26
3.2.12 Northrop Grumman Wolverine 3-28
3.2.13 Northrop Grumman Vehicle Info / Interaction Hyperlinks 3-29
3.3 General Dynamics 3-thirty
3.3.1 General Dynamics Up coming-Generation CROWS II Improves Soldiers Security 3-31
3.four Kongsberg 3-33
3.four.1 Kongsberg CrowsII Armed service Robot System 3-33
3.four.2 Kongsberg Addresses Underwater Diver Incursion 3-34
3.four.3 Kongsberg Norwegian Mine Reconnaissance Program 3-34
3.five BAE Methods 3-36
3.five.1 BAE Methods Ant Sizing Robot 3-36
3.five.2 BAE Personalized Robots 3-38
3.five.3 BAE Methods Big UGV 3-39
3.six Lockheed Martin 3-39
3.six.1 Lockheed Martin Multifunction Utility/ Logistics and Equipment Vehicle (MULE) 3-40
3.six.2 Lockheed Martin Big NUWC Manta UUV 3-forty two
3.six.3 Lockheed Martin Big NUWC Manta UUV For The Offshore Oil Business 3-44
3.six.four Lockheed Martin AN/WLD-1 Remote Minehunting System (RMS) 3-44
3.7 QinetiQ North America TALON® Robots 3-48
3.7.1 QinetiQ North America Talon® Robots Universal Disrupter Mount 3-50
3.7.2 Qinetiq / Foster-Miller 3-52
3.7.3 Foster-Miller TALON Family members of Armed service Robots 3-53
3.7.four Foster-Miller New: Two-Way Hailer 3-fifty four
3.7.five Foster-Miller TALON Responder 3-fifty four
3.7.six Foster-Miller EOD Robots 3-56
3.7.7 Foster-Miller SWORDS Robots 3-58
3.7.8 Foster-Miller CBRNE/Hazmat Robots 3-60
3.7.9 Foster-Miller TALON SWAT/MP 3-61
3.7.ten Foster-Miller MAARS Robot 3-62
3.7.11 Foster-Miller Dragon Runner Subject Transformable SUGV 3-sixty four
3.7.12 Foster Miller TALON GEN IV Engineer 3-sixty five
3.7.13 Foster Miller TAGS-CX Unmanned Vehicle 3-sixty six
3.7.14 QinetiQ TAGS-CX Unmanned Vehicle 3-sixty seven
3.7.15 Fight Engineer Route Clearance Robot 3-70
3.7.16 Talon MAARS™ Robots 3-75
3.8 Telerob 3-seventy eight
3.8.1 Telerob – EOD / IEDD Equipment, EOD Robots and Automobiles 3-seventy eight
3.8.2 Telerob TEODor Major Obligation Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Robot 3-eighty
3.8.3 Telerob Telemax Large-Mobility EOD Robot 3-81
3.8.four Telerob EOD / IEDD Service Automobiles 3-81
3.9 Versa / Allen Vanguard 3-86
3.9.1 Allen Vanguard VANGUARD® ROV 3-88
3.9.2 Allen Vanguard Defender Robot/ROV 3-ninety seven
3.9.3 Allen Vanguard ROV-Observe CBRNE 3-102
3.ten Boston Dynamics 3-106
3.ten.1 Boston Dynamic LittleDog – The Legged Locomotion Finding out Robot 3-107
3.ten.2 Boston Dynamic PETMAN – BigDog receives a Large Brother 3-109
3.ten.3 Boston Dynamic RHex Devours Tough Terrain 3-110
3.ten.four Boston Dynamic Increase: Climbing Robot 3-112
3.11 Robotic Engineering 3-a hundred and fifteen
3.11.1 RTI Armed service Memetics (Details Propagation, Impact, and Persistence – Facts PIP) Job 3-116
3.11.2 RTI Humanoid And Legged Robots 3-116
3.12 Fujitsu Service Robot (enon) 3-118
3.13 Gostai SOS 3-119
3.14 Kairos Autonomi 3-121
3.15 Scripps Bluefin Robotics Spray glider UUV 3-122
3.15.1 Scripps Bluefin Robotics Spray Glider Sensors, Navigation, and Communications 3-123
3.16 Boeing’s AN/BLQ-11 Lengthy-term Mine
Reconnaissance System (LMRS), 3-129
3.seventeen Boeing Advanced Details Methods 3-133
3.18 Sonatech 3-a hundred thirty five
3.19 BAE Methods Underwater Methods 3-a hundred thirty five
3.20 Gunsmith Jerry Baber 3-136
3.21 IVTT Program Intelligent Vehicle Robot Hops In excess of Partitions 3-137
3.21.1 Robotic Engineering Precision Urban Hopper 3-139
3.21.2 Robotic Engineering Robot 3-139

four. Armed service Robot Engineering four-1
four.1 Armed service Robot Enabling Engineering four-1
four.2 Intel Integrated Circuit Proof-Based Innovation four-3
four.2.1 Open Robotic Management Software four-five
four.2.2 Armed service Robot Vital Engineering four-six
four.2.3 Personal computer-Bots four-ten
four.2.four Visible Simultaneous Localization & Mapping four-ten
four.3 Advanced Robot Engineering: Navigation, Mobility, And Manipulation four-11
four.3.1 Robot Intelligence Methods four-11
four.3.2 Serious-Globe, Dynamic Sensing four-12
four.four User-Helpful Interfaces four-12
four.four.1 Tightly-Integrated, Electromechanical Robot Style and design four-13
four.five Subject Based Robotics Iterative Growth four-14
four.five.1 Up coming-Generation Solutions Leverage Product four-15
four.five.2 Modular Robot Construction And Management four-15
four.five.3 Lattice Architectures four-16
four.five.four Chain / Tree Architectures four-16
four.five.five Deterministic Reconfiguration four-16
four.five.six Stochastic Reconfiguration four-seventeen
four.five.7 Modular Robotic Methods four-seventeen
four.six Intel Armed service Robot Cultivating Collaborations four-18
four.7 Hitachi Configuration Of Robots Utilizing The SuperH Family members four-18
four.7.1 Hitachi Idea of MMU And Logic Place four-19
four.7.2 Robotic Use of Thin Movie Lithium-Ion Batteries four-23
four.8 Community Of Robots And Sensors four-24
four.8.1 Sensor Networks Part Of Investigate Agenda four-twenty five
four.8.2 Light-weight Sensing four-26
four.8.3 Acceleration Sensing four-27
four.8.four Chemical Sensing four-27
four.9 Armed service Robot Engineering Features four-27
four.ten Carbon Nanotube Radio four-28
four.11 Armed service Robot Funded Programs four-thirty
four.11.1 Potential Fight System (FCS) Program Transitions to Military Brigade Fight Group Modernization four-thirty
four.11.2 XM1216 Smaller Unmanned Floor Vehicle (SUGV) four-32
four.11.3 UUV Sub-Pillars four-33
four.11.four Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (HAUV) four-36
four.11.five Alliant four-36
four.11.six ATSP is a Govt-Large Contracting Vehicle four-38
four.11.7 Rapid, economical contracting vehicle four-38
four.11.8 Facilitates Engineering And Insertion Into Fielded Methods four-38
four.11.9 Entry to all Northrop Grumman sectors four-39
four.12 iRobot Engineering four-39
four.12.1 iRobot Informed Robot Intelligence Methods four-39
four.12.2 iRobot Serious-Globe, Dynamic Sensing. four-40
four.12.3 iRobot User-Helpful Interface four-40
four.12.four iRobot Tightly-Integrated Electromechanical Style and design. four-forty one
four.13 Evolution Robotics Engineering Alternatives four-forty two
four.13.1 Evolution Robotics Illustration Applications four-44
four.14 NASA Exploratory Robots four-45
four.14.1 NASA Spirit Robot four-forty six
four.14.2 NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit four-48
four.14.3 Sample NASA Sprit Sol-By-Sol Summary: four-50
four.14.3 Prospect Update four-51
four.14.four NASA Prospect Sol-By-Sol Summary four-52
four.14.five NASA Prospect Robot four-fifty four
four.15 Remote Managed Robot Missions four-fifty five
four.15.1 Vehicle-Navigation System Takes Shots Of The Nearby Terrain four-59
four.15.2 Mars Robotic Rovers Spirit And Prospect four-61
four.16 Self-Reproducing Equipment four-62
four.16.1 M-TRAN Modular Transformer four-62
four.16.2 Mind-set Management In Place By Management Minute Gyros four-63

five. Armed service Robot Company PROFILES five-1
five.1 American Reliance Inc. (AMREL) five-1
five.1.1 Amrel Subject Expedient Robot Controls Interoperability five-2
five.1.2 Amrel Smaller-Footprint, Extremely Integrated, Rugged Cellular Computing Alternatives five-2
five.2 BAE Methods five-2
five.2.1 BAE Methods Ant Sizing Robot five-3
five.2.2 BAE Personalized Robots five-five
five.2.3 BAE Methods Big UGV five-five
five.3 Boston Dynamics five-five
five.four Doosan Infracore / Bobcat Company five-six
five.five General Dynamics five-7
five.five.1 General Dynamics Fight Autonomous Mobility System (CAMS) five-7
five.five.2 General Dynamics $60 Million Deal by U.S. Air Drive for Mission Functions Aid five-8
five.five.3 General Dynamics Income five-9
five.five.four General Dynamics Company Group Income five-ten
five.five.five General Dynamics Fight Methods Awards five-13
five.five.six General Dynamics Land Methods $24
Million Deal To Source Commanders Remote
Operated Weapons five-13
five.five.7 General Dynamics Canadian Government’s LAV III Improve Program 14
five.five.8 General Dynamics U.S. Armed service Vehicle Company five-15
five.six Gostai five-16
five.7 iRobot five-16
five.7.1 iRobot Home Robots five-seventeen
five.7.2 iRobot Govt and Industrial Robots five-seventeen
five.7.3 iRobot Destinations five-seventeen
five.7.four iRobot Armed service Programs five-seventeen
five.7.five iRobot Income five-19
five.7.six iRobot Geographic Details five-twenty five
five.7.7 iRobot Substantial Consumers five-twenty five
five.7.8 iRobot Description five-twenty five
five.7.9 iRobot Business Phase, Geographic Details and Substantial Consumers five-27
five.7.ten iRobot Home Robots five-27
five.7.11 iRobot Govt and Industrial five-27
five.7.12 iRobot Geographic Details five-32
five.7.13 iRobot Home Robot Division Income And Units Transported five-33
five.7.14 iRobot Govt And Industrial Division five-34
five.7.15 iRobot Tactic five-36
five.7.16 iRobot Govt and Industrial Solutions five-38
five.7.seventeen iRobot Home Robots five-forty two
five.7.18 iRobot Govt & Industrial Robots five-forty two
five.7.19 iRobot Partners and Strategic Alliance five-43
five.7.20 iRobot / Boeing Company five-43
five.7.21 iRobot / Advanced Scientific Ideas five-43
five.7.22 iRobot / TASER International, five-44
five.8 Kongsberg five-44
five.8.1 Enhanced Scope of Kongsberg CROWS II Framework Arrangement five-45
five.8.2 Kongsberg Possession five-45
five.8.3 Kongsberg Manufacturing locations five-forty six
five.8.four Kongsberg Functions Income five-47
five.8.five Kongsberg Employees five-47
five.9 Lockheed Martin five-48
five.9.1 Lockheed Martin Protection Division Positioning five-forty nine
five.ten Northrop Grumman five-53
five.ten.1 Northrop Grumman Remotec Robots five-fifty four
five.11 Qinetiq / Foster-Miller five-fifty five
five.11.1 QinetiQ Uk MOD and the US DoD give concentrate on markets five-56
five.11.2 QinetiQ Income 2005-2009 five-58
five.11.3 QinetiQ North America five-61
five.11.four QinetiQ Income five-sixty four
five.11.five QinetiQ Uk five-sixty six
five.11.six QinetiQ North America five-sixty six
five.11.7 QinetiQ Autonomy and Robotics five-sixty seven
five.11.8 QinetiQ Group Revenues five-sixty eight
five.11.9 QinetiQ Company Overview Governance five-70
five.11.ten QinetiQ Income By Client five-seventy one
five.11.11 QinetiQ North America five-seventy three
five.12 QinetiQ North America / Foster-Miller five-75
five.12.1 QinetiQ North America / Foster-Miller five-seventy seven
five.12.2 QinetiQ Common Robotic Controller (CRC) five-seventy seven
five.12.3 QinetiQ North America Globe-Course Engineering five-seventy eight
five.12.four QinetiQ North America Engineering Alternatives Group five-79
five.13 Robotic Engineering Inc. five-79
five.13.1 RTI Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (EATR) Job five-eighty
five.13.2 RTI Intelligent Vehicle Engineering Transfer (IVTT) Program five-81
five.13.3 Robotic Engineering Precision Urban Hopper five-84
five.13.four Robotic Engineering Robot five-eighty five
five.14 Telerob five-eighty five
five.14.1 Telerob – EOD / IEDD Equipment,
EOD Robots and Automobiles five-86
five.14.2 TEODor Major Obligation Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Robot five-87
five.14.3 Telerob Telemax Large-Mobility EOD Robot five-88
five.14.four Telerob EOD / IEDD assistance automobiles five-88
five.14.five Telerob’s Electrical Drive-Reflecting-Manipulators (FRMs) five-ninety one
five.14.six American Crane and Equipment Corp and Telerob Partnership five-ninety two
five.15 Versa / Allen-Vanguard five-ninety three
five.15.1 Allen Vanguard Buying and selling Suspended on Inventory five-94
five.15.2 Allen Vanguard HAL® EOD/IEDD/ Lookup Jobs Hook and Line System five-96
five.15.3 Versa / Allen Vanguard Equinox I five-99
five.15.four Versa / Allen Vanguard Subject Take a look at Set five-100
five.15.five Allen-Vanguard Income five-100
five.16 By using Systems five-103
five.16.1 By using Systems Complete Platform Provider five-104
five.16.2 By using Systems Sector Leadership five-104
five.16.3 By using Systems Global Functions five-105
five.16.four By using Systems Conference the Sector Obstacle five-106
five.16.five By using Systems Dynamic Fabless Company Product five-107
five.seventeen Picked Companies of Armed service Robots five-107
five.18 Govt Agencies and Other Organisations
Utilizing Armed service Robots five-111
five.18.1 RTI Intelligent Vehicle Engineering Transfer (IVTT) Program five-114

six. Armed service Robot CONTRACTS six-1
six.1.1 SPAWAR six-2
six.1.2 Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal six-3
six.1.3 Potential Fight Methods Program Cuts six-3
six.1.four U.S. Military Smaller Unmanned Floor Vehicle (SUGV) six-four
six.2 GCV Made Because of To Termination Of The Potential
Fight Methods And Its Previous Manned Floor Automobiles six-four
six.2.1 Military To Finish Robotic Vehicle, Plane Attempts six-six
six.2.2 MULE Termination six-7
six.2.3 Armed Robotic Vehicle Assault (Light-weight) Continuation six-9
six.2.four Robotic Methods Chartered by JPO six-ten
six.2.five U.S. Military Smaller Unmanned Floor Vehicle six-11
six.3 Picked US 2010 Armed service Funds for Robotics six-13
six.3.1 Protection Advanced Investigate Tasks Company, DARPA Tactical Teams six-13
six.3.2 Predator Drones six-13
six.3.3 DARPA Funds for Strong Robotics,2010 six-14
six.3.four Strong Robotics FY 2008 Accomplishments: six-15
six.3.five Strong Robotics FY Accomplishments 2009: six-16
six.3.six Strong Robotics FY 2010 Ideas: Accomplishments six-16
six.3.7 Cognitive Networking Use of Armed service Robotics six-seventeen
six.3.8 Neighborhood Space Community Droids (LANdroids) six-19
six.3.9 Brood of Spectrum Supremacy (Boss) Work six-20
six.3.ten Condition-Informed Protocols in Edge
Community Systems (SAPIENT) six-21
six.3.11 Neighborhood Space Community droids (LANdroids) six-22
six.3.12 Brood of Spectrum Supremacy (Boss) six-23
six.3.13 Figure out Improvised Explosive Units and Report (RIEDAR) six-twenty five
six.3.14 Crosshairs six-26
six.3.15 Counter Improvised Explosives Laboratories (CIEL) six-27
six.3.16 Vulcan six-28
six.3.seventeen BioRobotics and BioMechanics six-29
six.3.18 Entrance-end Robotics Enabling In the vicinity of-term
Demonstration (FREND) six-thirty
six.four Armed service and First Responder Growth Programs six-32
six.four.1 Multi Dimensional Mobility Robot (MDMR) Investing six-32
six.five Consumers For Govt Robotic Solutions,
And Investigate And Growth Contracts: six-35
six.five.1 General Dynamics Land Methods $24 Million Deal To Source Commanders Remote Operated Weapons six-36
six.five.2 Kongsberg and General Dynamics co-making CROWS and CROWS II six-36
six.five.3 General Dynamics Awarded $24 Million to Offer Remote Weapon Methods That Protect Tank Commanders six-37
six.five.four Kongsberg six-38
six.five.five Vulcan Unmanned Maritime Vehicle (UMV)
And Unmanned Floor Vehicle (UGV) Programs six-39
six.five.six DARPA Finish-To-Finish Unmanned Vehicle System Answer six-forty one
six.five.7 Unmanned Automobiles UMV and UGV Submarkets six-forty two
six.five.8 Allen-Vanguard Spares For Symphony Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) Program six-45
six.six Armed service / Govt and University Agencies six-forty six
six.7 Armed service Robots Contracts six-50
six.7.1 Talon six-50
six.7.2 American Reliance Answer Found for Battlefield Robot Management Dilemma six-50
six.7.3 QinetiQ NA Ships First-Responder Robots to Navy six-51
six.7.four iRobot Wins $3.75M Military Deal to
Establish Warrior Robot six-52
six.7.five iRobot Wins $286 Million U.S. Military Deal six-53
six.7.six Counter Radio-Managed Improvised Explosive Unit Electronic Warfare Spiral 3 programs (“CREW3” six-fifty four
six.7.7 U.S. Military Has Agreed To Invest in Up To 7,five hundred
Electronic Bomb Jammer Methods From Its Companion
Lockheed Martin Allen-Vanguard six-fifty four
six.7.8 Jan. 31, 2008 Allen-Vanguard Confirms
U.S. Division of Protection Intent To Establish an IDIQ Deal For Up to
7,five hundred Symphony IED Countermeasure Methods six-fifty five
six.7.9 iRobot six-56
six.7.ten iRobot Purchase for Six Seagliders™ from the
University of Western Australia six-58
six.7.11 iRobot Corp. (Nasdaq: IRBT) Purchase Totaling
$16.8 million from the U.S. Military Program Eecutive
Office environment for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) six-59
six.7.12 General Dynamics Fight Autonomous Mobility System (CAMS) six-60
six.7.13 Robotic Engineering Robot six-60